Who we are 
Click to enlarge Since 1967, its first year of operations, Cantabriasil has followed a constant line of progress, anticipating the needs of international shipping traffic.

Thanks to the improvements introduced, our human and technical resources enable us to handle all of today’s requirements.

Cantabriasil´s expertise in organization and performing logistic and documentary operation related to the flow of goods, from origin to final destination, makes of Cantabriasil, a key counterpart for any Import-Export activity.

Cantabriasil acts as Shipping, Forwarding agent and Customs Agent in most industrial sectors.

Our organization offers full range services for operations related with overseas traffic.

From the shipment agency, to delivery in final destination, Cantabriasil takes care of physical operations and other procedures involved.

These services are bases on a closed budget that enable our clients to have full advance knowledge of cost.

Competitive charges are achieved through our permanent contact with international shipping and transport organizations.
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